Healthcare Software

IT solutions that help manage hospitals, clinics and dispensaries. Manage patients, practitioners, appointments, patient history, prescriptions & medications, clinical procedures, medical equipment, inventory, billing, etc.


Implement a simple yet powerful ERP to manage or improve simple and complex healthcare systems.

Create new patients or look up existing patiens with minimal clicks.

Record every patient encounter based on past or current appointments. See the patient's historical vitals and other pertinent information.

Create as many practioners (doctors, nurses, administrators, etc.) as possible. And schedule staff as desired.

Issue prescriptions safely and timelessly with just a few clicks. Stay in the know with patients' history right from the same portal.

Standardize your clinical procedures across your entire organizations (hospital or clinic) regardless of size. Know and track your inventory such as medical equipment and medicines.

Safeguard staff and patients' records right from the same system as opposed to third party cloud storage such as Dropbox and other disconnected apps.

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